Why do you need a monitored security system?

Dallas Did you know that a Dallas citizen is six times more likely to be burglarized and three times more likely to be murdered than in New York City? Dallas has been the number one city for total crime and burglary per capita every year for the last ten years among cities with a population of over one million. Because of the crime rate, Dallas has the highest percentage of homes with alarm systems in the nation.

Benefits of a Monitored Security System

  • Provide Peace of Mind for your Family
  • Reduce or Eliminate Burglary Attempts
  • Reduce Property Loss if Burglary Occurs
  • Protect your Family and Property from Fire
  • Reduce your Home Insurance Premiums
  • Alert and Dispatch Emergency Medical Response

Protect Family and Assets

A security system can provide you and your family with personal and property protection from crime. A criminal looking to assault a family member is a real threat in today's society. Many features of an alarm system can deter the criminal and increase the police response time. Panic buttons at the keypad or wireless key fobs that activate the siren can scare off potential perpetrators. If forced to use the system, the owner can enter a duress code to disarm the system. The duress acts like a normal code except it also sends a silent signal to alert police of a dangerous situation. The "Your DFW Security Advisors" yard sign alone in the front yard may deter crime from your home!

If a burglar breaks in aiming to steal assets while no one is home, the system would go into alarm. A criminal is far less likely to spend time in your home with a 110 decibel siren announcing his presence to everyone within earshot and alerting him that the police have been dispatched. The chances for a burglar to scour the entire property proves far less in homes protected by burglar alarm systems.

Monitor with Fire Detection

Local smoke detectors in your home protect your family and property from fire only when someone is at home.  Monitored smoke and heat detectors should be added to your system to protect your family and your home 24 hours a day from fire whether someone is at home or not. If the family is on vacation and smoke is detected, fire emergency response would be dispatched.

Per building fire code, homes should have, at a minimum, stand-alone smoke detectors which could wake sleeping occupants in the case of smoke detection. If your home does not have them, PLEASE look into installing stand-alone smoke-detectors yourself or contact us regarding a professional monitored installation.

Smart Financial Decision

The number of insurance claims and the average value of claims are significantly reduced for homes that have monitored security systems.  For that reason, many insurance companies provide a 10% to 20% discount on home insurance premiums with proof of monitored intrusion detection.  In many cases, the insurance discount per month will be equal to or more than the monthly cost of monitoring. 

Many insurance companies will give you an additional discount if you add fire protection to your monitored security system.  If your insurance company gives this discount, it often pays for the cost of the equipment within two years. 

One Button to Contact Emergency Medical Response

If a medical emergency occurs, the medical panic button on the keypad can alert the paramedics.  Additionally, a senior family member can carry a wireless medical panic pendant in case they have a health emergency when other support is not present.

Maintaining a monitored alarm system means knowing your family is safe, confidence that burglars cannot ravage your property unchecked, and ease of mind that fire can be detected in time to prevent a total loss. After insurance discounts, monthly rates amount to almost nothing. To top it off, we offer a cost-free initial visit and evaluation of your security needs.

We regularly offer incentives at the time of installation to make the financial decision even easier. If you are now convinced to consider a security system for your home or business, the first step is to schedule a Free Security Audit.

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*All statistics quoted on this website are calculated from data from www.fbi.gov unless specified otherwise.