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Ademco Vista 10SE

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Away Mode – used when everyone is leaving the house.  Arms perimeter and interior devices

  • Enter 4 digit code + [AWAY] and exit house

Stay Mode – used when someone is staying in the house.  Arms perimeter but not motion detectors

  • Enter 4 digit code + [STAY]


  • Enter the 4 digit code + [OFF] when entering the house or if the system is in alarm.

Panic Buttons

  • Hold the panic button down 3 to 5 seconds to activate
  • If your keypad does not have the panic buttons along the left, press * + # together to activate panic

Changing Codes -

Change Master Code

  • note : exact directions vary with different revisions of this product.

Add User Codes

Deleting user code

Bypassing Zones

When arming, arms everything but zone(s) bypassed. The bypass or system light will stay on. To arm system without motions if you are leaving, bypassing will be required

  • Press 4-digit code + 6 + (two digit zone number) + * then arm the system
  • Example to bypass zone 3 : 1234 6 03 * then arm the system

Chime Mode

When chime mode is enabled, the opening of any door or window will cause a chime noise at the keypads

  • Press 4-digit code + 9 to activate / deactivate.

Duress Code

An alternate code that disarms the system but also sends a silent signal to the central station.