Security Systems and Home Alarms

We Service Non-Monitored or City Monitored Accounts

Security Alarm for Family, Home SecurityMany companies refuse to service systems of non-account holders. As a sales ploy, some companies insist on offering monitoring or refuse to service the system. We provide service to customers based on an hourly rate plus parts costs. We are upfront about costs when we schedule and on site. We will not pressure you into signing a monitoring contract. We offer a 30 day warranty on our non-account-holder service and are usually available for next-day service.

We work with Service Magic to make our services easier to find. One benefit to us is the ability of customers to review us. We cannot remove or change posted reviews. We work hard to meet our customer's needs, professionally and timely, and we are proud to invite a potential customer to see our customer reviews hosted by an independent site.

Service Magic

There are, however, good reasons to consider monitoring. When scheduling a service appointment, an advisor can quote the pricing for needed repairs with and without monitoring through us. Service costs can sometimes be provided at no charge or at discounted rates when monitoring is added. For more information or a quote for repair service, Contact Us.